ROOTS: Anchoring Your Business – Takeaways

ROOTS: Anchoring Your Business – Takeaways A family business, as defined by the Harvard Business School, is when two or more related people own, lead or make major decisions for the business. However, the Chicago Family Business Council sees things differently…. Read more→

President’s Message – February 7th

Pitchers and Catchers Report Next Week!!! Of course, that has nothing to do with my topic this month, but I wanted to remind you all that spring (training) is just around the corner.  If you’re like me, this is the… Read more→

Strategies for Success in Negotiations – Takeaways

Get What You Ask For: Strategies for Success in Negotiation — Takeaways with Mary Keegin, M.A. & Dr. Alice Stuhlmacher There are endless situations that call for negotiations: interviewing for a job, vendor and sales relationships, conversations with a spouse,… Read more→

Difficult Conversations: The Power of Listening

Difficult conversations are an inevitability of business. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to help you through a difficult conversation. We will all face these conversations many times in our personal and professional lives. While they are unavoidable, messy and… Read more→

President’s Message – January 9th

Great News…pitchers and catchers report in only 36 days! Just kidding. I’ve been told in no uncertain terms: no more baseball, or any sports, in my remaining newsletters.  So this month I’ve decided to tackle a slightly less controversial topic…politics. … Read more→

Shallcross Financial Planning Testimonial by Andrew Matt

Our organization partnered with Darrin Shallcross/Shallcross Financial Planning at the end of 2014 as we converted to a 401(k) retirement savings account as a benefit to our employees.  Starting this program was done easily and quickly because of the service,… Read more→

President’s Message – December 5th

I know its December, but I’m not done with baseball yet! When Cubs Manager Joe Maddon removed his starting pitcher, Kyle Hendricks, in the fifth inning of game 7, did you think Joe was letting “the pressure exceed the pleasure”? … Read more→