S Corporations vs. C Corporations Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by Cray Kaiser

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is signed, which brings about a lot of questions surrounding future tax planning and the immediate impact on corporate taxes. In this whitepaper, Karen Snodgrass, CPA, Principal of Cray, Kaiser Ltd covers: The differences… Read more→

6 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer at Work

Joyous, festive, stressful, busy—all words that describe the holidays. Work doesn’t slow down but we have a lot of other things to get done outside of the office. What makes it all worthwhile is the time we get to spend… Read more→

December President’s Message – Family First

OK everyone, it’s alright to listen to holiday music on WLIT now that Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror. This holiday message comes from a shared experience in the theme of “Family First.” My parents had 8 children in 12… Read more→

Tips for Family Harmony During the Holiday Season

Traditions play an important role in families. Most of us feel the holidays are a good time to come together and reinforce those traditions. Some look forward to these gatherings, while others approach them with great trepidation—especially when sibling rivalries,… Read more→