In conjunction with CFBC’s Roots courses, the TPA is designed to help businesses of all types begin important discussions about each stakeholder’s expectations for the future. When completed, the TPA provides a roadmap of the transition process and highlights areas in which the stakeholders’ expectations are aligned while also drawing attention to areas that have the potential to create conflict. While this assessment is particularly geared toward family businesses, we encourage any privately-held company to participate as it will still provide valuable information. After all, whether or not you have family in the business, your business is still a family asset.

Once your assessment has been processed, a representative of the CFBC will arrange a time to meet with you to review a summary and interpretation of your TPA results. We encourage you to have multiple members of your business and family take the assessment in order to obtain a broader, more detailed roadmap. Click here to download the TPA flyer.

To take the TPA, please purchase below and follow the directions. We recommend that you take the assessment in one sitting, though you will be provided with a link so you can revisit it if necessary. It should take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

Congratulations on taking a step toward better family business communication, performance and long-term transition thinking!

CFBC Member Companies – Free
Non-Members – $500
Each Additional Assessment Per Person – $100 (free for member companies)

Includes the assessment and a 90 minute meeting with a trusted advisor to review your results with you. To purchase the Transition Preparation Assessment, Click Here.

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